Who We Are (Teaser 1)


It’s always so hard to choose teasers, but I hope you all like this one! 🙂

(Completely un-edited, raw material. Subject to change)

Who We Are Teaser #1


I was nervous as hell, but I had to focus. I had to think about what I was going to say. This was a make it or break it situation. If I said or did anything wrong, I was going to lose Gage.

We met at the door and as soon as it was opened for us, the music blared. Girls were screaming, guys were yelling like hooligans. It was wild. The lights were dim, mist was flowing out of a few vents above the crowd, most likely to keep them cool. It didn’t seem to be working, though, because as we stepped in, the atmosphere was thick and hot. I felt the sweat coming and I hadn’t even been in the stadium for longer than a minute.

“Our spots are up there!” I shouted at Kelsey who was staring at the stage in awe. Her eyes were wide and I looked with her, wondering what had her attention.

Without a doubt it was the band. Montana had on a ripped white shirt, his mohawk was spikey, a handsomely wicked smile on his lips. He was strapping his guitar around him, winking at a few chicks, and as soon as his guitar was around him, he raised his hands in the air and the crowd went wild for him.

“I fucking love you, Montana Delray!” a girl beside us screamed. She could have busted my eardrum by how loud she was.

I looked at Kelsey, knowing she wasn’t going to move anytime soon. I grabbed her arm and pushed through the thick crowd.  This was new. Really new. I was always a backstage fan so I didn’t have to worry about getting through the mass, but it was terrible. Sweat from others was spilling on me. Girls wouldn’t get the hell out of my way. And the guys were worse. They were like a group of football players getting ready for their final game. Nothing could stop them. Nothing could get through them. They were like brick walls.

Somehow I managed to get through, though. My hand was still wrapped around Kelsey’s wrist and as soon as I reached the front row, Gage’s hypnotic voice bellowed through the mic and the girls screamed like monkeys. “Y’all are amazing tonight!” he said, chuckling. “Seriously. This love I’m feeling from y’all is incredible.”

The girls screamed even louder, some bumping into us. I pushed through the front to get a better spot and as soon as I stopped, I looked up. I released Kelsey, who was staring at Roy. Roy was staring right back.

And then I looked at Gage. He was always so damn handsome. Always. His hair was a bit longer, messy, and his facial hair was trimmed to a tee. He wore a black T-shirt with FireNine spray-painted on it, dark blue jeans, and as usual, Chuck Taylor shoes. He pushed his hair out of his face as he spoke in the mic again, and hearing him like this—watching him like this—was amazing. Now I could see why the girls in the crowd were so wild about him. He was standing above me, like some sort of king on a throne. He had flirtatious eyes, a smooth and deep voice that filled me up. I wanted to just grab him off that stage and attack him with kisses. I wanted to ride him for hours.

From this angle, the name Rockgod Grendel finally made sense to me now.

Gage said something else and then he aligned his fingers on his guitar. He started off the show by singing solo. The band wasn’t playing yet. It was just his voice filling the stadium, making the girls crazier. His voice was hypnotic and he was really singing… like, really, really singing. From the depths of his soul. His heart. This was love to him. He enjoyed it. He was giving it his all and he had his reasons. I remembered him telling me how singing made him disappear—how it made him feel like there were no worries. No problems. Singing was his escape, his happy place.

And then he opened his eyes wide and clamped his mouth shut, giving a slight interlude. He finally strummed his guitar and the band went in on their instruments. The music blared through the stadium and Kelsey screamed beside me, admiring the performance. She was bouncing up and down, cheering, hollering, reaching forward to try and get a feel of Roy. It was odd seeing him get so close to the edge of the stage. This wasn’t like him. He always kept his distance, but as he stole glances at Kelsey, I realized he was dedicating this performance to her… and he was doing one hell of a job.

Gage’s voice got lower, more powerful and I looked at him. As soon as I did, a gasp escaped me. He was staring right at me. He was still playing, still singing, but his eyes were fixed on me. Watching me. Taking all of me in. I bit my bottom lip and he shook his head, most likely wondering why the hell I was here, in the crowd of all places. He wasn’t expecting me, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. His voice wavered a bit on one part, almost crackling. The lyrics were about missing someone. Loving someone. The lyrics literally brought tears to my eyes.


She was all I had and I blew it

The one I cried for, she knew it

I would fight for the rest of my life

Just to keep her by my side

She was my one…


Damn. The lyrics were beautiful. And as he sang each word, he looked straight into my eyes. I think I saw tears forming in his but before I could make them out, he blinked hard and looked away. And he didn’t look at me after he tore his gaze away. Not even as the songs changed. He avoided my eyes, and this proved he was nothing but hurt and confused.


(September, 2013)


  1. That was definitely a first-rate teaser!!! Oh wow, I was so taken in, I was ready to keep on reading! I know you have gotten some criticism about Gage from various places, but I love him. He has a lot more depth than those critics give him credit for and you see that as the story progresses. I can hardly wait to get this book in my greedy little hands! 😉

    1. I just got done reading Who he is! I loved it! I love Gage! I love Eliza!! Thank you for the new relationship I formed with them! I can’t wait for Who we are to come out! Please hurry!!! Great teaser, I am holding my breath waiting to see what happens next….

  2. The story and the characters of “Who he is” are so great. The feeling and emotions between the lines… I can’t find the right words to discribe. The book enchained me. Incredible. But the END? I need book two. I can’t wait till september. It’s so frustrating.
    Your first teaser is like an appetizer. I’m addicted to the story.
    Please give us some more.
    We need Teaser 2!

  3. Hi
    Excuse my English please,i try my best.
    I spent a night awake reading ´´Who he is´´.I love this book.I cant wait to read ´´Who we are´´
    Who he is mad me laugh and cry.Gage and Elli are awesome.Thank you for this wondefull book!!!
    Greets from Germany

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