A little bit of Roy Sykes…

We all know Roy Sykes keeps to himself, but that doesn’t mean his thoughts are calm. No. His thoughts are wild – exciting, even. I personally love the way Roy thinks and I’m glad he’s opened up! Here’s a little bit from book 3 of the FireNine Series.

*Remember, this is completely unedited, raw material and it is subject to change.*

Enjoy… 🙂

Roy 5

Rosemarie’s knee brushed mine as she shut her eyes and inhaled the tunes. She was getting a thrill out of hearing the song. I figured she knew what the song was and the meaning behind it because, while her eyes were closed, a smile was hinting on those full, rosy lips.

I took the time to observe her as she bobbed her head to the music. Her cleavage was popping out of the V of her tank top and a trickle of sweat had dripped from her chest and slid between the plump curves. I wanted to stop what I was doing and lick that sweat away. I bet it was sweet, just like she seemed to be.

Her fingers were folded and I made out a tattoo in cursive script across her right index finger. It read, “life’s too short.” That was true, and then I realized maybe we had the same mindset. Apparently she loved music. I knew by the way she was swaying and humming to the music. I knew she liked to have fun. Only a carefree soul would get a tattoo about the shortness of life. I had one myself. On my back.

There was something about this girl, and I wanted to know so badly what it was. I had a hunch… and it was shocking that I went along with it.

I finally stopped playing and Rosalie’s eyelids fluttered open. She looked into my eyes, gave a crooked, charismatic smile, and I think I nearly exploded in my pants. Fuck, her smile was sexy. She was sexy. Why the hell can’t I control myself?

“That was incredible, Roy,” she said.

I shrugged. “Lots of practice.”

“Yeah, I can tell. I enjoyed your little twist to it, too.”

I smiled. I didn’t think she’d catch the twist. Nobody else did except my band brother, Montana Delray. He had an ear for music.

Things became silent as I looked ahead and Rosemarie lowered her gaze. The birds chirped above us and a few people jogged by, some as a couple and some alone. I should’ve been speaking—I mean, it was rude of me not to—but I didn’t know if the plan of a dinner and a movie was going to work out. I had a lot on my plate, in fact too much. I didn’t want to drag some random chick into the picture. I knew she wasn’t the ordinary girl.

For one, most girls around Suffolk knew exactly who I was without the need for me to introduce myself. I was Roy Sykes, lead guitarist of FireNine. We were just a local band back then, but everyone around loved us. We got almost everything for free with a wink of an eye, did big gigs at Steele’s bar, and we’d always be the band playing at someone’s house party.

But this girl, Rosemarie, she didn’t know me. She didn’t have that spark of familiarity in her eyes. I was just a stranger to her… and for the first time I was glad. I hated being idolized. I hated when girls would kiss the pavement I walked on. I hated that they’d suck my cock just to get a kiss on the cheek from me… okay… I’m lying. I loved when they sucked my cock, but I just hated the popularity. I loved my peace. My quiet. I loved either being to myself or hanging with the boys I grew up with. My band. I knew we were going to have to rise to another level one day, but I was never ready for it. I wasn’t ready for any of life’s shit to be thrown at me… but I had to man up. I had to get over it and face it all.

Rosemarie shifted and I looked at her just as she stood. “Well, that was great. Thank you.” She forced a smile and took a step back.

I hesitated, unsure of what to do… what to say. I wasn’t sure if she was going to be worth my time, or the bigger question, whether I was going to be worth hers. I didn’t know anything about this girl and already she was making my head spin, my cock twitch, my mouth dry, and my sentences short. I wanted her in my bed more than anything, but I knew she was worth way more than that. I had respect for women who had respect for themselves. She seemed like one of those girls who wouldn’t just give it up to any boy she came across.

Rosemarie took one more step back as I stared at her like a fucking idiot. She probably thought I was crazy—hell, I thought I was crazy. I didn’t know what I wanted. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to fuck her brains out and ditch her, or fuck her brains out and keep her.

She looked like a keeper. She looked like she could provide nothing but happiness. Satisfaction. Peace.

I needed peace. I needed happiness. Mom would’ve loved for me to find some sort of satisfaction in life, and I would do anything to see a smile on Mom’s face, so before Rosemarie disappeared, I yelled after her, clutching my guitar and rushing in her direction.

She stopped rapidly, spinning around. I met up to her and then took a deep breath, looking her over. I can do this. I can do this…. Right?

“Uh… so that dinner and a movie? Would you like to… you know, with me?” I asked, hesitant.

Her face was stale and emotionless, and at this exact moment I panicked. I knew I shouldn’t have asked. I just fucking knew it. What the hell would she want with me, a tattooed freak with hair I refused to cut and a guitar I called my best friend? What the hell would she want with me, a loner? A fuck-up? A selfish lunatic?

Just as I thought about saying never mind and running off to hide at home, a smile spread across those beautiful lips and she took a step toward me. She smelled like sweat and vanilla… and it smelled fucking divine. I wanted to lick her all over. I didn’t care if she’d just ran a mile or if she hadn’t showered yet. She looked like she tasted sweet and delicious… everywhere. Damn, I wanted a taste of her.

“I’d love to, Roy Sykes,” she said, right before kissing my cheek, grinning broadly, and taking a step back. My eyes expanded as she asked for my cell phone. I fished it out my back pocket, speechlessly handing it to her, and she plugged her number in. As soon as she handed my phone back, she said, “Call me tonight. We’ll make arrangements.”

She spun around, ran off, and smiled over her shoulder. I returned a faint smile, clutching my phone in hand, and as soon as she looked away, I watched her perfect ass jiggle as she ran down the path. And I didn’t bother moving an inch until she was completely out of sight.

Holy. Fuck.


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