BEWARE Paperback Giveaway + More!

Hey guys!


It’s giveaway time! I had some difficulties with the BEWARE paperbacks about a week ago and just got them yesterday. I’ve been itching to do a giveaway ever since releasing the book and now I can! I’m excited about this one. I love, love, LOVE the cover and my main man Ace!


The giveaway will be simple. All you have to do is comment under this blog post and tell me who your favorite character of mine is and why. I love the explanations. You guys dig much deeper into these characters and bring them so much life – more life than I ever thought possible for them. It can be any character of mine, published or unpublished, and you can list as many things as you’d like about them. Trust me, I’ll read them all. πŸ™‚ With this giveaway, three winners will win a signed paperback of BEWARE and signed FireNine bookmarks, one of each. (See image below)


Beware giveaway


For the second half of the giveaway, it’s a chance to win a FireNine bracelet along with signed bookmarks. For a chance to win, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter @shanorawilliams and Instagram @reallyshanora – that is, if you have one! If you don’t have one, I’d so make one. I love Twitter and Instagram! And I update often on there! (Plus, there will be mini giveaways going on over there soon. πŸ˜‰ ) The links have already been inserted into the Twitter and Instagram handles. All you have to do is click them to follow me. Once you’ve done that, tweet me with your Instagram handle so I can enter your name in the drawing. Β If you already follow me, then you’re automatically entered for a chance to win. Just make sure you tweet me your Instagram handle so I can enter your name.


I hope I made this pretty easy for you guys. I’ll have this giveaway up and running until Monday, July 7th. Have fun and thanks to everyone that participates! Oh, and happy Fourth of July weekend! πŸ™‚


Shanora ❀


  1. Favorite character ~~ Eliza! She is one tough girl, emotionally and mentally. To walk away from a Rock God like Gage you gotta be tough(and mentally deranged), but you have to respect that she put her dreams first.
    HOWEVER, I like Roy also. Something yummy about the quiet, dark, mysterious bad boy!!

  2. My fave character is Ace. Because he is a badass. Who doesn’t love a badass guy who you know will fight for you? I’ve set in my mind that the ending was just a dream and I’m hoping and praying for a book 2. I love your writing. It sucks you in and holds you there till the very end.

  3. It will ALWAYS be Montana for me. Mostly because I’ve always wanted what was oh so wrong for me yet at the time feels oh so good (I have no idea how I lucked out with my husband, lol). However, I know what we’ve seen thus far of Montana has only scratched the surface of this enigma. I can’t wait to learn more of this naughty yet fiercely loyal (to his friends) man!

  4. Has to be ace for me he’s so badass and fights for what’s his he takes no shit and let’s none walk over him. I love that he says it how it is and does whatever he likes but underneath all that badass he had a soft heart too maybe not much but he has just a little soft spot in him lol. The ending had me in tears for days so I’m praying there’s a second book and he comes back i wasn’t ready to see him go I want more from him I believe he deserves a HEA . bring back Ace lol . Thank you for writing such amazing books x

  5. who can resist ace? he is my favorite because he is dangerous but irresistible. he is arrogant but with a softer side too. he is flawed but a fighter.not to forget how sexy he is… I love bad boys!

  6. My favorite character is Eliza. She is tough. To go through everything she did with her mom and still come out as a functioning adult is truly amazing. I love all of you characters but she is the one I can relate to the most. I hope we get to see more of her and Gage in Montana’s book!

  7. I Like Eliza best, she’s very much like me ( haven’t in awhile, but love to draw) She doesn’t mind keeping to herself too, which is also very much me πŸ™‚ Sort and sweet answer, but I hope I get a copy! xoxo

  8. My favorite character is Ace. I love the dominate side of him, however he does have that sweeter side. Well as sweet as Ace can get. He totally stole my heart, and I think he may have taken it with him!! Following you on twitter now!

  9. Nolan young is always been my fav and probably always will be. He’s sweet, loving, supporting, I mean who doesn’t want that in a man. And of coarse super hot. That’s always a bonus.

  10. Shanora!!! Yay!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!! Thanks to Facebook I have recently discovered your awesomeness and I look forward to more of it! Regretfully,I have not read any of your writings but I foresee that as a past disadvantage as I look forward to delving into your work as far as I can go πŸ™‚ Is this on Amazon yet?? I’m ready for Ace….rawr!!😍

  11. Ace Crow!!!! Is my FAVORITE!
    Holy moly he is just so dark and broody. I love a man that takes control and knows what he wants and exactly how he wants it! His story is just wonderful and one I wish I could have more of!!

  12. My favorite is Ace. He has that whole dangerous/badass thing going on, yet he has a soft side. That’s the best of both worlds! πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  13. My favorite is Roy Sykes. I could tell from the beginning he was going to be my favorite. I could tell that he had a past and knew once that past came to light it would only make me love him more and it. A quiet, tall, dark & sexy man dealing with a lot of hurt and fame makes me want to wrap him up and protect him.

  14. Ace is my favorite. I seriously love a damaged alpha male character. Especially one who literally gives his ALL (his life) for love. BEWARE just blew me away.

  15. Give us some Montana. His story is worth reading. Just his interaction with Eliza and how he knew how to push Gage’s buttons knowing it would show Gage’s true feelings was great and at times funny. We see his soft side with Eliza and know he is on the downhill slide to settling down for the right girl, a girl that could tame his wild ways. I was actually disappointed the second book of the series was not his; I liked his character that much.

  16. My favorite characters of yours are Natalie and Nolan!!!! Absolutely love them and their story of trying to stay together from a distance!! Those are my favorite books!!

  17. My choice would have to be Ace…He has this bad boy persona going on that me as a reader can’t help but to fall in love with…but it goes deeper than just how I visualize him its amazing to read how he struggles to control his emotions…and you want to jump in your seat when it does slip….

  18. my favorite character of yours would be Ace. He’s one of those characters that you want to hate but I just couldn’t, I loved him from the beginning. He’s one of those men you just want to reach into his head and find out what makes him tick, not to mention when you get all your answers it makes you swoon even more. The way he cared for London and fought his feelings made me want to reach into my book and smack him, then kiss him. He takes control, fights for what he wants and risks everything for love. What more do you want from a sexy dominate man.

  19. I loved Gage even though he made some stupid choices when it came to relationships but he redeemed himself in the long run it took him awhile though!! Thank you for the chance to win congratulations on the new book

  20. My favorite character of yours would have to be Roy. He was so broken and damaged and went through so much shit in his life and what he went through to take care of his mother was beautiful. All the changed he made in his life was beautiful..he is one of the best characters ever and I love him and everything he is πŸ’—

  21. Ace is my all time fav… Love him.. He’s sexy, badass, and amazing sweet. Hoping for more of him:)

  22. For me it has to be Ace because he just draws you to him with everything he says and does. He’s mysterious and sexy and everything about him just draws you in. Ace is the type of guy you love to hate and hate to love so I’d have to say he’s definitely my favorite. Oh he’s also a sexy badass so that helps lol.

  23. My favorite character is Gage. There were moments where I loved him but there were also moments when I hated him. He was definitely a complex character. He was also sexy as hell (always think of the laundry room scene ;)). But he also had a soft side that he only shared with the people who he cares about; I loved how sweet he was with Eliza. But I wanted to kick his ass with the whole Penelope situation. His story with his mom, complete broke my heart for him. Then the story about his sister, I just wanted to hug him. All these things made him simply irrepressible to me. I love Gage and was so happy he got his happy ever after.

  24. My fave is defo Roy, with ace a close second, I love how vunrible Roy is, he just about broke my heart actually truthfully I love all your characters lol

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