Exclusive Teaser – Control Me… coming soon!

I couldn’t help myself! I’m sharing a teaser from my WIP! Its pretty long too. But that’s ’cause I love you guys! 🙂 After you read it, tell me what you think! BTW I don’t have a release date for this one yet, but I’m hoping to have one soon.

This teaser is unedited and is subject to change…


Carlos Montero
“This won’t work, Carlos,” I breathed. My voice was heavy and thick. My lips felt like they’d been filled with lead, most likely the result of me lying to myself. I wanted it to happen again, but on the other hand I didn’t. I didn’t because I knew it’d lead to other things. And because I was really looking forward to working with his team. I felt important.
“Allow me to make things easier on you—a proposition, more like.” He pulled away, but only to grab my hand and effortlessly pick me up out of my seat. Reeling my body into his, he turned me so my back was facing his desk. Then he sat me down on the edge gently, just as he’d taken the seat I was in only seconds ago. My heart raced in my chest as I looked down at him, watching as he lifted my legs to place my feet on his thighs. I had no choice but to plant my palms on his desk and lean back to keep my balance when both feet were in the position he desired.
His eyes zoned in on the lacy light-pink panties beneath my skirt and I cursed myself. Damn, today was the wrong day to wear a skirt. Hell, any day around him was the wrong day to wear one.
With my chest rising and sinking, Carlos bent forward, pushed my skirt up until it bundled around my hips and then tucked his thumbs beneath the straps of my panties. He did all this with swift movements. He was a pro at this, no doubt—but of course that’d already been established on the night we first met.
I knew it was necessary for me to object to this, but as he licked his lips, the words that were formulating got trapped in the heart of my throat. I remembered how hungrily he devoured me in Key West, how unexpected it was, yet how amazing I felt to have his face buried between my legs. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe. Perfectly erotic in every way.
With his eyes trained on mine, he brought my panties towards his nose and inhaled my scent. “So sweet,” he murmured, lowering them. My core tightened as he ran a hand up my thigh. “Now that I have your attention, I’ll tell you what will happen. And you will comply. Understood?”
In the heat of the moment, I responded without hesitation. “Yes.”
“Good girl,” he grumbled right before kissing the insides of my thighs. His lips were so soft, yet so demanding. Each kiss seared my skin, leaving a trail of fire as he backed away. “During these four days, you will stay at the hotel I’ve reserved for you. I will come by for lunch and I will fuck you. I’ll leave for work again, but I will come by for dinner, we’ll most likely eat together, and then I will fuck you again.” He clutched my hips in his hands, bringing his mouth closer to my throbbing nub. A whimper sounded in my throat as he ran his tongue from my upper thigh and down, but stopped just before reaching my pulsing heat. “I will have my way with you, like I did in Key West. I will own every single inch of you until I’m tired of you, no matter how long it takes. Do I make myself clear?”
So many thoughts were running through my head. One, he had no right to try and own me, and to know that even if I did give in he would get tired of me frightened me. Things like this never turned out the way they should have. Two, even though those thoughts were running across my mind, what I wanted most was his mouth sealed on me. Sucking. Lapping. Licking. I wanted this man to make me come for days. His proposition was meant in the most asshole-ish of ways—for his needs—but it made sense. He didn’t get enough of me in Key West, and he was treating this encounter with me as chance to get me out of his system.
For some reason, I was okay with that because in that very moment I wanted the same thing; Carlos Montero out of my system and out of my life. I knew if I went along with this, he’d leave me alone for good and I’d never have to see his face again.
Right now wasn’t the time to be hooked on someone. It was the time to become someone. So with a small nod, I breathed the word “Yes” and his lips curled at the corners, proving that I’d pleased him with my answer.
“Good girl,” he whispered. “Now, before you run off to the hotel to get ready for dinner, I’m going to leave you with something to think about until we see each other again.” He looked at me beneath his lengthy eyelashes, his lips thin. “I’m going to eat you, Mya, so fucking good that you’ll have no choice but to be ready for me when I get to that hotel room.” With his intense, orgasmic words lingering in the air, he picked up my hips and sunk his sweet mouth into my wet and eager pussy.
I squealed, but brought a hand up to cup my mouth instantly. He reached up to remove that hand, and after suckling my clit for a split second, he said, “Make noise. Scream. I don’t care who hears you.”

P.S. This book will have a whole lot of sexy and a whole lot of secrets. That’s a combo I love! ❤


  1. Enjoyed Control Me was really looking forward to the sequel Release Me was very disappointed when couldn’t buy it on amazon hope to hear some good news soon. Also loved Beware.

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