Control Me Blurb

I’m finally sharing the blurb for Control Me. This is the first book of the Control series. A release date will be shared on Monday! 🙂


It’s hard to stay in your right state of mind when the man you’re being penetrated by is everything you never thought you could have.
It’s hard to hold onto reality when he hands you an undeniable escape.
He brings you to life and makes you forget who you truly are. There are rules and boundaries of course, but you consider it perfect, nonetheless.

The truth is I’m not completely sane.
I’m not okay.
I have issues.
And he knows this, yet he constantly leads me on.
He dominates me.
He indulges in me.
He craves me.
But he and I both know how this arrangement will end.
Someone will get hurt. I will lose control..
But the control he has over me– the power he possesses– is something he won’t let go of. It’s what he enjoys and he refuses to give it up, that is until he realizes it’s putting both of our lives at risk.


    1. Shanora, you said Control Me is no longer on Amazon but I just got it from there a few minutes and today is 4/18/15. I also bought FireNine Valentine. I just a little while ago finished Montana’s story, Who I’m Becoming. I really enjoyed the story and all of the characters. I read all of the other Fire9 books. I liked this series.

      Laura Gonzalez
      Desert Hot Springs, CA

  1. ok, I’m about to have a melt down right now because of the way this series has left me hanging!!! Please tell me there is more to come and soon. I read all that was available on “wattpad” Wow, this series can’t end this was please….I am dying to know what Carlos will do……Please write more of this series!

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