Good & Bad News for the New Year!

Hi all!

So, I have some news to share. Some of it is bad, but I think you’ll love the good. I’ll start with the bad news.

I know many of you have bought and read the Control Series. Carlos and Mya are really fun characters. Building them and their story up is like a game for me – a fun one! I love it, and it’s not like me to let certain things get to me (and trust me they haven’t) but due to so many negative emails, negative comments on my page that I’ve had to delete repeatedly, and dozens of personal messages that are quite rude about the series I will be discontinuing it. Now, I’m sure this is what those Negative Nancy’s want, but trust me I did NOT let them get to me, nor did I let them hurt my feelings. My skin has grown quite thick since becoming an author. In fact, I’ve brushed almost everything negative off because I don’t care. What I write is what I write. I write it because I love it and I enjoy sharing it with my readers. I think some of you can recall me saying that I wrote this series for fun. It was priced under a dollar because I just wanted people to read it and have fun with it, enjoy it. Some people have gone too far about the series and normally I would spazz out but it’s all good. I’m keeping my cool. Having a baby has allowed me to gather A LOT of patience so those people and their unkind words mean absolutely nothing to me. I’m still going to do what I love to do and I’m still going to share their story.
I will be taking Control Me down from all eBook platforms on December 20th, BUT for those that have enjoyed the series thus far, I will add it to Wattpad (follow me on wattpad here > so you can all enjoy it FOR FREE. I will continue this series for my readers because I love you and I refuse to leave you hanging. I feel much better letting you read it for free than buying it. That goes for the next book, Release Me and even the books to come. Now, I can’t promise that I’ll be working hard on these one and releasing them back to back, but I will release bits and pieces from the books in (hopefully) a timely manner.

Now onto the good news!
I say “hopefully” because I’ve been planning something big for the past six months. A lot of people saw the announcement a few days ago. Many of you LOVE Ace Crow. Hell, I love Ace Crow! That is my honey! BEWARE was a fun one, but I was also very passionate about him and London, not to say I’m not passionate about Carlos and Mya. After a few weeks, I realized that couldn’t be it. I had to do more. I wanted more Ace myself, so I thought about it for days on end and finally I came up with a plan. And of course that plan has a twist! The storyline that I came up with has me so excited that I can’t stand it! The ending fit their story, but I can see sooooo much more with these two. So much more. I can’t say when this will be releasing because I’m still working on it and I want this sequel to be the best it can be for you guys, but you all know me. I will be sharing teasers, gifting ARCs once I’m finished and there will be a cover reveal in the beginning of 2015. Since I no longer have any books ahead of me, this gives me the rest of the year to spend time with my family for the holidays and enjoy my little boy. Gosh, he’s growing wayyyyy too fast! After January 1st, though, I will be heading into my office and hammering at my keyboard. I’m just as excited as you guys.

Thank you all so much for understanding. I know doing things like this can cause an author to lose readers, but I feel this is what I need to do. It’s not only for you guys, but for myself as well. The Control Series started just for fun, why not just share it freely for others to enjoy? It will be up on Wattpad soon! πŸ™‚ If you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

Happy Holidays you guys!


Shanora Williams ❀


  1. You gotta do whats right for you. I understand your decision and Im glad you didn’t let the haters bring you down. Haters gonna hate you know. And there are more important things in life as you know πŸ™‚ You just keep writing and being amazing.
    I hope you have the most awesome holiday with your family and your little boy. Enjoy the time off you’ve earned it. Merry Christmas!

  2. Omg not sure what the fuss is about I just got time to start it and I thought as usual kudos to you so far I love it…….. I’m glad you are the way you are it is what makes you so successful… Do what is best for you…..I support you and enjoy your creativity……have a great holiday and enjoy that little boy time goes way to fast! Thank you for all you do…..

  3. Haters have nothing better to do… I’m glad you are going to continue on. It’s one thing to NOT like a story, but another to be condescending &/or cruel to the extreme with the negativity. It’s a book for Goodness sake! Take it or leave it! I’ve come across a book or two that I didn’t like in the end ( NONE OF YOURS OF COURSE!!) lol… But that’s how it goes sometimes. Bravo Shanora!! Keep them coming!! The non haters like us are waiting on you Girl!!

  4. I just finally read Control Me and loved it! I can’t wait to see what comes next. I was a tad sad (insert cried my eyes out) about Beware’s ending but to see that we will get more Ace has me jumping for joy! Hopefully that means he is alive and will have a happily ever after.

    Please don’t let the negative people win. While I am excited that we will get the control series for free, I hate that you are not getting compensated for your creativity. Best of luck in the new year and spend time with that baby boy. Happy holidays!

  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for continuing the Control series. I’ve had Control Me in my TBR for a while and just started it. As I went searching for the rest of the series I got distressed. I can’t end on a cliffhanger! I was introduced to WattPad because of this and am so happy that my Carlos/Mya fix will continue to be fed with the two additional parts now available. I came too late to see any of the negative comments. So far, I am loving this series.

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