BEWARE 2 : The Comeback

Many of you already know about this wonderful surprise, but for those that didn’t hear, I will be releasing BEWARE 2: The Comeback on April 21st, 2015!

BEWARE 2: The Comeback is the sequel to BEWARE. It still features the main characters Ace and London. This story is full of angst, drama, shocking twists, and of course those really steamy moments everyone loves. This book cannot be read as a standalone.

To read BEWARE (#1), click here. It’s a full-length novel for only $0.99! 🙂


Three years passed.Beware2.v2 copy
Long and brutal.
Lonely and sometimes scary.
But he swore he’d find me—that’d he’d do everything to get me back. Well, his word was final. His word was true. He’s back.

Ace Crow: Ruthless. Deadly. Risky. An extremely bad man. I’m everything he’s not. I’m the missing piece to his disturbing puzzle. But he’s mistaken about one thing. No one said getting me back was going to be easy. There are always consequences to ones actions. There are always hidden truths. There is always betrayal.
Things aren’t so simple anymore. My life has changed dramatically. Bringing him back in will only be dragging me back down.
I’m afraid.
I shouldn’t.
But I love him.
A lot.
I’m a fool.
BEWARE, my beating heart.


Your Thoughts?

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