I have some BAD NEWS . . . kinda.

So . . . I have bad news. A few people might not like me for what I’m about to announce (until the issue is resolved. haha), but that’s okay. It comes with my line of work. Unfortunately, I cannot please everyone – though I wish I could.

Anyway, let me first start off by saying that I am honored and touched that Tainted Black has gotten so much love. Even though it has been over a year since it was released, people are still so excited about Theo and Chloe and that is a blessing to me. Usually after a year, people are like “Tainted what? What’s that?” But that’s not the case this time around.

And since that isn’t the case, you can probably understand the pressure I am feeling at the moment. Trying to make the second book live up to something that was so hyped up (and hey – I ain’t complaining about the hype) is hard work. Seriously.

I will be honest and say sequels are NOT my thing. Unless it has already been premeditated and I have the idea for a sequel in mind as I’m writing the first book, they are not for me. With that being said, UNTAINTED is not at all what I thought it would be. I wasn’t even going to write a follow up novel for Tainted Black or anything else for them. I was going to leave it as it was – untouched, a romantically flawed story, done with.

But I had a dream about those two that made me reconsider the idea. The readers also wanted more – demanded more. Even over a year later, they still want it, so the expectations I’m facing are intense and I am a little terrified because what I have in mind for them, someone else may be picturing differently.

The truth is, UNTAINTED is NOTHING like Tainted Black. Seriously. Nothing like it at all – besides Theo and Chloe being who they are, it’s not the same. This one is, like, straight fluff. It’s pure romance. It’s lighter, less dramatic, and way less angsty than the taboo story that Tainted Black was. This one is not taboo. It’s just a romantic novel with erotic elements – a continuation of their story.

I am not even 100% confident in this novel and for that very reason, I am sad to announce that I will have to push the original release date of October 25th back by a few weeks.

I know, I know. 😦 This is all my fault. I thought I could do it – I really did. I thought I could finish it and be happy with the final product before I sent it off to my editor (which was supposed to happen yesterday) but I wasn’t. Even right now, I’m wondering what I can do to help. What can I do to better this story? What can I do for them so that this isn’t just a book that is tossed aside for a boring day?

One thing about me as a writer is that if I’m not happy with it, I won’t bother releasing it. If I don’t love it, I won’t put it out there. Despite what people think, whether good or bad, I just can’t. I’ve learned the hard way that rushing my work – my craft – is a no-go. I’ve put my books on this pedestal where I expect them to be worth something, otherwise it’s considered a failure. Hell, that applies to most things in my life. I don’t want to be a failure. And I also don’t want this book to just be “another book” for you guys.

I want this one to be one that will make you “feel” something for them again – maybe not as deeply as book one, but close at least. I’ve been told I’m hard on myself and you know what? I probably am. I’m a pregnant 23 year old woman, a mother and partner, with a lot on my plate right now. But I like to handle my stuff the right way. I’ve had a few setbacks, which threw off my writing schedule this year, but it’s because of you guys that I can even do this – that I can call this my job, so you can probably understand why I don’t want to disappoint you. I don’t want to lose my readers’ faith. My readers mean the WORLD to me and just like my characters, I want them to have the very best from me. It’s all or nothing, and I’ll be first to say that I did not give my all. I zipped through some parts and when I read over them now, I despise it because I know I can do better.

UNTAINTED is just an okay manuscript at the moment, but I know that with a little more tweaking, I can make it pop, so I’m going to take the time I need and actually develop it as much as I can. Make it worth something so that I can smile when it’s done instead of worrying if I dedicated enough of my time to make it a kick-ass story.

I hope you can all understand. I promise when I get a real release date, I will update you all and let you know. I won’t leave you hanging. I’m making you wait a little longer, I know, but I’m praying that once I up my game on this one, that the wait will be worth it. Just remember it won’t be forever.

They are coming – I promise!

( Please excuse any typos in this post! It’s just a quick update. 🙂 )

Much love and BIG HUGS,



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