Book News – Good & Bad

I swear the only time I ever get on here to share a post is with something really positive, or really negative. I’m cold and hot. It’s so sad!


For all of my El Jefe & Gianna fans…I’ve come to the conclusion that I will no longer be writing their last book. I have a lot in the works and, unfortunately, their story just doesn’t fit into the schedule.








JUST KIDDING! Like I would ever do that to you guys. I will write the final book in the Venom trilogy. I’m actually excited to get deeper into it and make some madness and chaos happen. I will say that because of this being the final book, this one will be a bit longer than the others, so it will take me more time to write it.

With that being said, though, Venom, 3 will probably be the very last book of that trilogy and my very last dark romance, period. I know there are people who love Jefe & Gia. Trust me, I love them too. I really didn’t think that many people would care for this trilogy! To see your excitement for it, thrills me!

I’m not a believer that romances like these should be dragged out. I like my readers to paint their own futures for my characters. After all, you went on the journey with them. It’s only right that they do what you want them to do when it’s all over.

The thing about darker romances, though, is that they weigh really, really heavy on me. I didnt grow up with the brightest childhood. My family struggled with a lot. We were never hungry or without clothes on our backs, but we also never had luxuries either. I mean, our AC didn’t even work and we couldn’t afford to get it fixed. None of our cars were new. I didn’t get my first real cellphone until I was seventeen, I believe, and I ended up paying the bill for it with my own money from my $7.25 an hour job. As you can imagine, that was pretty much my whole check. LOL. As a chlid, I wanted a lot of things but never asked because I wasn’t the type of person to do that. I always made things happen myself by getting a job (or two) and working my tail off as much as possible. (Probably why I’m such an ambitious little punk now.)

Dark romances are hard. HARD. The twists and turns I come up with, you guys say are genius, but to me they begin to feel…easy, so to speak. It’s scary how I can dissolve into that dark world and make killing and murdering so…pleasant. I have an overactive imagination. Sometimes it scares me.

So I’ll be the first to tell you that because of this, I cannot write dark anymore. It sounds dumb, and pointless, but just this year I’ve found out I suffer from a bit of anxiety. I worry about things that I really shouldn’t even give a second thought. Dark + anxiety do not mix, okay? LOL. For the sake of my mental health, and to make sure my mind doesn’t drift down the wrong path, I am going to take a big leap away from the dark, because it is not for everyone. I even had some people say 100 PROOF was dark, which I didn’t think was dark at all – and that’s a prime example of how my mind is starting to normalize these things.

So, this will be my last dark romance. I won’t say EVER because anything could happen. But during my live video in the Sweethearts Group, I mentioned how I was working on a new book. A new series. I’m working on rebranding myself. My books will still be full of sexiness and arrogant, undeniable men. Some will have have taboo/forbidden situations (because I freaking LOVE forbidden!) I have 5 books set up for this new series. All of them will be standalones, and all of them will most likely be interconnected in some way.

I am excited about it, and I can’t wait until I can announce more about it.

With this new series coming into play, that means I, unfortunatey, won’t be finishing the Sweet Promises trilogy. I know. That’s the real bad news! I’m crying! Unfortunately, that trilogy is not in high demand – not as much as Venom 3. I can count on my fingers how many people are actually asking about it, so this is my announcement now… I probably won’t finish it. There are some stories that you just have to let go of. Some just don’t work out as you had planned. Some you just lose the passion for. I may end up writing bits and pieces and uploading to Wattpad but that is a BIG maybe and I can’t make any promises on it.

I will be working hard on this new standalone series, on rebranding myself, on building my name and writing my tail off. So basically, after Venom 3, you can expect a refreshed Shanora. A…simpler Shanora, but still the same author to add in the drama and twists and turns. My books are always going to be heavy on the romance, with a dose of angst, and some blazing hot, sexy scenes!

I hope you can understand!

Please know you can always chat with me on Facebook, via email, or anywhere I am online if you ever need to talk to me or have any questions!


Peace out, babies!