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  1. Just read who is he just loved it read all your books see next one is put September please let me know so I can buy it thank you
    Fiona Nichols uk

  2. Cannot wait for Montana’s story. Hurry with it. I hate to think it is the end if the series. Would you consider doing a wrap up book? It could tell how the couple’s deal with touring and all of the aspects of rock star life. Thanks
    Linda Ryan Jones

  3. When is who I’m becoming being released as I can’t find it on my kindle and have been looking forward to this one for ages I love the sound of Montana.

  4. Hi Shanora,
    I’ve just finished Control me Book 1 and want to read Release Me Book 2. But can’t find the book anywhere. I’ve tried Amazon and IBooks but can’t find it. Pls help.
    Thank you,
    Carolyn Mclean

  5. When is the 2nd book of Passion & Venom (Venom Trilogy Book) coming out? Love how you weren’t afrain to be dark and bold with your writing! I can’t stand pansy authors!

  6. Susan Bertoli
    Just finished Who he is and Who we are in one sitting. Love that there are more about the bandmates that I can devour!

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