Order Signed Books

If you’d like to order a signed copy from me, feel free to email me at shanoraqw@gmail.com. I usually order a shipment of books every two months. I take one to two trips to the post office a month. I usually work through Paypal. Once you email me about a copy, be sure to include the email address you’d like the invoice sent to, your home address, and which book you’d like. Once the book(s) is sent, you will receive a confirmation about it’s shipment.

Tainted Black: 18.00

BEWARE 2: $15.00

BEWARE : $15.00

Who He Is: $12.00

Who We Are: $12.00

Who I Am: $10.00

*With each book is a $2 charge for shipping and handling.*

I apologize to all my international fans in advance. I can’t send international copies out. It’s quite expensive, ranging from $24- $80 at the post office. The only time an international book of mine will be sent is if there is a giveaway being held so always be on the lookout for paperback giveaways. 🙂

One comment

  1. Shanora you scared the begeezus out of me with this one. I was nearly sick when I thought Roy was going to end up with the faker Rose Marie. Can’t wait to hear what Montanna gets up to. Could not put it down, dinner was very late tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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